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How often do campaigns get sent
How often do campaigns get sent

Learn about campaign frequency and how often emails and text messages get sent by NiceJob

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NiceJob campaigns have 2 main objectives:

  • Meet the campaigns goal (ex. a new review)

  • Make it a great experience for the customer

We continually improve the timing of campaign email messages and text messages to meet those objectives.

By maintaining control over the schedule of when messages get sent, we're able to use data from thousands of messages to ensure that each message gets delivered at the perfect time.

We do have a couple rules though:

  • Messages never get sent less than 2 days apart

  • We never send more than 3 emails and 1 text message as part of a campaign

Can the timing of messages be adjusted?

This is something we're frequently asked. One of the reasons why NiceJob works so well compared to other software is that we don't allow this to be customized. That allows us to ensure that the experience is great for your customers, and meets your goals.

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