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Connect Jobber to NiceJob
Connect Jobber to NiceJob

Spend less time following up with customers and generate more reviews.

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Almost 90% of consumers trust online reviews. Google and other platforms are taking note with as much as 13% of your business ranking attributed to reviews.

Connecting NiceJob with Jobber helps you get more reviews and automates your marketing saving you tons of time! 🕐

Easily connect your Jobber account

2. Click connect next to Jobber

3. Follow the instructions to log-in to your jobber account 

That's it, you're done! 😃

Automatically send review invites

When you close a job OR issue an invoice OR collect a payment from your customer (not including deposits) in Jobber, NiceJob will automatically enroll your Jobber customer in the Get Reviews campaign. This is the easiest way to get more reviews from your Jobber customers!

For example:

  1. You create a job in Jobber for a new customer.

  2. You complete the job or service.

  3. NiceJob automatically enters your customer into the Get Reviews campaign.

  4. Your customer leaves you a review!

  5. The new review is automatically shared to your website and social media, ready to be seen by potential customers, winning you more sales and traffic!

** As a rule, your customer's job will need to be closed within 30 days of the scheduled job date in order to automatically enroll into a Get Reviews Campaign **

Data we'll send or receive

  • People

    • Name

    • Email

    • Tags

    • Time created

  • Team Members

  • Bookings

    • Is complete

    • Time completed

    • Time created

    • Time scheduled

  • Visits

    • Is complete

    • Time created

    • Time scheduled

    • Team member

  • Invoice

    • Time created

    • Name

    • Invoice status

    • Paid status

    • Subtotal

    • Total

    • Remaining balance

    • Applied discounts

    • Taxed amounts

  • Payments

    • Time created

    • Amount paid

    • Refunded status

    • Amount refunded (if any)

    • Description

Frequently asked questions

When will NiceJob invite my customer to leave a review?

We'll send the first invite out instantly when you close a job, issue an invoice or collect a payment (not including deposits) in Jobber. We will send the invite to your customer via SMS if possible, or email if there is no cell number for the customer. If you perform visits instead of jobs just let us know so we can enable sending invites based on visit completion.

What if I close multiple jobs for the same customer?

NiceJob never invites the same customer to leave a review more than once every 6 months. So even if you close multiple jobs for the same customer, we'll only enroll them in the Get Reviews campaign once.

How do I prevent someone from getting a review invite?

Using people tags you can mark a person in Jobber with noreview to prevent them from being enrolled in the NiceJob Get Reviews campaign.

How many messages will my customer get?

As few as possible! NiceJob only sends reminder messages if the customer has not left a review. We never send messages less than 2 days apart, and never send more than 4 messages in a campaign.

What if I don't close jobs, and complete visits instead (or both)?

No problem, just let us know so we can enable sending invites based on visit completion.

Will this get me more reviews?

NiceJob customer Michael Parker tried to get reviews from customers for three years by manually following up with his customers once a job was closed. He and his team had little success.

NiceJob helped him increase his reviews by 50% in his first month by automatically sending review invites to his customers once his jobs closed. The stronger calls to action in NiceJob's drip email campaign, the ability to include photos, and the fact that NiceJob is smart enough to match reviews to customers meant excellent results with much less effort. 

“The ease of use and the efficacy of the software is great, and using it has helped place Master Pro Clean above our competitors by strengthening our brand and image for present and future customers." 

How long does it take for leads from my NiceJob Website to show up in Jobber?

Seconds. Using the Jobber Lead form with your NiceJob site is seamless, and if you're wondering about our websites, you can learn more about it here.

Does Jobber send team member data to NiceJob so that my reviews can get automatically attributed to the right team member?

Yes! 😃
If you have team members assigned to Visits in Jobber, we get that data from Jobber which allows us to automatically attribute reviews received to the right employee. Please note Jobber have only made this data available on the Visit events not Booking (job) events. Learn more about employee attribution and how you can make use of it here.

Does Jobber send booking events to the Engage Widget?

Yes! Your booking events will appear on the Engage Widget on your website. You can set up your Engage Widget here.

Is there a limit to the amount of contacts NiceJob can import from Jobber upon connection?

There is no specific number of contacts that NiceJob can import from Jobber upon connection, however if you have thousands of contacts to be imported we cannot guarantee that all of the will be imported. When connected, NiceJob will sync all new contacts.

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