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Connect ResponsiBid to NiceJob
Connect ResponsiBid to NiceJob

How to connect ResponsiBid and what happens when you do

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NiceJob makes it super easy to connect your ResponsiBid account. 

  1. Click the Connect button beside ResponsiBid

  2. To turn it on, choose which ResponsiBid user you are and it will ask you to sign into your ResponsiBid account to verify

That's it, you're done!

What does the ResponsiBid connection do?

Standard plans

  1. Automatically sync your ResponsiBid contacts with NiceJob moving forward when there is a Booking update so you don't have to spend needless time entering them in both spots!

  2. Automatically send review invites to your customers after their ResponsiBid invoice closes.

If you'd like the ResponsiBid connect to ONLY sync your ResponsiBid contacts with NiceJob, change "Send Review Invites" to "No".

Convert plans

All of the above, plus it will replace your lead form on your website with the Responsibid Lightbox style quote module.

Data we'll send or receive

  • People (on related Booking update)

  • Bookings

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ResponsiBid send employee data to NiceJob so that my reviews can get automatically attributed to the right employee?

No, they don't. Learn more about employee attribution and other ways you can make use of it here.

Does ResponsiBid send booking events to the Engage Widget?
Yes! Your booking events will appear on the Engage Widget on your website. You can set up your Engage Widget here.

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