NiceJob has created templates for the messages that send out to your customers automatically. They were carefully crafted to catch the attention of your customers in short and simple text. 

However, you know your customers best, so if you feel the need to edit the messages they will receive then of course you can do that! Just go into the 'Campaigns' page, click 'See all messages in this campaign' and then click 'Edit' next to the message you want to change. 

Customizing review invite templates is a feature only available on our Standard plan.

Note: We HIGHLY recommend not changing the message to be longer than the original message template. Long messages are one of the ways that customers are turned off from leaving reviews!

Pausing Campaign Messages 

We have carefully created the optimal campaign strategy for getting you more reviews and would therefore recommend that you keep all of the messages to be the most successful. 

However if you would like to reduce the number of campaign messages sent, you can pause any one of them by clicking 'edit' next to the message and then 'Pause' in the top right corner.

If you would like to pause some of your campaign messages, please reach out to the Success team and we'd be happy to help you strategize which messages to pause.

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