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What types of SEO are included with NiceJob Convert Websites?
What types of SEO are included with NiceJob Convert Websites?

Wondering how NiceJob and Convert can improve your search engine rankings? Here's what we do and don't do.

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There are two types of website search engine optimization, on-page and off-page SEO. Convert websites include on-page SEO but do not include off-page link building.

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is optimizing your website to rank as high as possible on search engines. Here's a few of the strategies NiceJob uses to help your website rank better:

1. Content

Each page of your Convert website is written to rank well for a specific service and location. Our website strategists are experts in knowing how to write content that performs great for search engine rankings but at the same time converts your website visitors into customers.

Convert websites are automatically updated with your customer reviews & stories via the NiceJob platform. This provides search engines with the exact type of content they love the most: Local, keyword rich, user generated content and photos.

2. Page structure

Search engines love highly structured data. Convert websites strategically use markup and title tags to help search engines fully understand each pages intent. Internal linking strategies are also used to help individual landing pages rank better.

And we automatically inject markup into your website which helps search engines understand the services you offer and where you work.

3. Mobile first

Google and other search engines prioritize mobile friendly content. Convert websites are built as "mobile first" sites, they are not only fully responsive, they are incredibly easy to use on mobile devices, which improves your rankings.

4. Speed

Search engines reward sites with faster page load times. Our platform handles page compression, cacheing, and distribution via a nation wide CDS service. Our pages load fast.

5. Security

All Convert sites come with a highly secure SSL certificate, which ensures your website is secure and helps you rank better.

On-page SEO forms a large percentage of your overall rankings, but is not a silver bullet to ranking at the top of search engines.

6. Engagement

How visitors engage with your page content helps search engines understand the quality of your page content. Convert websites enjoy very high engagement rates which leads to better rankings.

What about off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to search engine optimization factors that are not on your actual website. Convert websites do not include off-page SEO, but using the NiceJob platform can help with many of these factors.

What are the major off-page SEO factors?

This is the most influential off-page factor. NiceJob does not provide link or citation building services.

Listing your business on local business directories is an easy and free way to start with this. But the most effective link building comes from creating strong relationships with other local businesses and industry sites, and then having your company referred to from those sites. 

As this is primarily about you building relationships, NiceJob suggests caution when SEO companies offer you cheap link building services. The best link building is really a PR exercise that is often best be handled in-house.

2. Reviews 

Each year, reviews become a bigger ranking factor. 

Using the NiceJob platform is the easiest way to get more reviews.

3. Google My Business optimization

A great Google My Business listing helps you rank higher in organic search results, and is essential to being found in the Google Local Pack, which is placed above organic results on search engine results pages.

4. Social media signals

Google, Facebook, and Twitter engagement are ranking factors. Regularly sharing content that engages your users is essential. 

The NiceJob platform automatically shares your customer reviews and stories to your social media pages, providing the exact type of content you need to increase engagement.


Convert websites generally rank very well on search engines due to the on-page factors we build, and the off-page factors that the NiceJob platform helps with.

That being said, we don't provide any ranking guarantee — nor do we provide off-page link building services. In most cities, a combination of on-page and off-page SEO is required to ensure your website ranks as high as possible on search engines.

As a Convert customer, our strategists are happy to help advise you on your SEO, both on-page or off-page! Reach out to us at for advice anytime.

There's also some great articles on our blog that can help you drive traffic to your website:

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