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Referral and Partner Sales Program
Referral and Partner Sales Program

Interested in referring, reselling or integrating with NiceJob? We have programs that will support each other’s business goals!

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We’re so excited that you’re looking to work with us! [Big smile]  NiceJob has set up a generous referral program to encourage fans of NiceJob to help their colleagues, clients, contacts and friends get the reputation they deserve.

Below is an outline of the various programs’ process, rewards and responsibilities:


Champion Partners Program (for Individuals):

  1. Sign up for the program by completing this simple application form.

  2. We will review your application (to confirm you’re human) and approve it.

  3. You’ll get access to the Partner Portal  where you’ll find training materials, sales sheets and your own personalized referral link.

  4. Share your referral link in emails, on social media or anywhere else you’d like. When someone signs up on our free trial using your link, we will track it back to you.

  5. Our Customer Success Team will work with your referrals to ensure they get the most out of our platform.

  6. If your friend becomes a NiceJob customer during or after  the trial period (within 90 days), you will be rewarded with the equivalent of their first month fee (between $45 - $175 USD).

  7. At the end of every month (after a processing delay), we reward you for all of the referrals that have purchased a NiceJob product that month. [Money]

Agency Partners Program (for Agencies, Business Coaches, Consultants, etc.):

  1. Sign up for the program by completing this simple application form.

  2. The rest of the steps are the same as above, except for the reward. For every new customer that you refer to NiceJob you’ll be rewarded with 30% of their monthly fees, up to one year.

  3. After you’ve referred 25 new customers (seats), you’ll qualify for our Multi-Seat Partner Program.

Multi-Seat Partners Program (for experienced Agency Partners and Franchises):

  1. A unique program for Agency/Champion partners that wish to bundle NiceJob products into their own suite of services. After 25 sales, you’ll be contacted by our Partnerships Manager about joining the program.

  2. Rewards shift from 30% commissions to 30% discounts on NiceJob products so that you can package them into your existing services.

  3. Opportunity to white-label NiceJob products with the condition that you handle all NiceJob support.

Integration Partners Program (for companies interested in integrating NiceJob into their platform):

  1. Please book a meeting with our Partnerships Manager to discuss the benefits of integrating with NiceJob’s platform.

Some important notes about NiceJob’s Partners Programs:

  • NiceJob has partnered with PartnerStack (formerly GrowSumo) to facilitate our Partners Program. You’ll be required to create a PartnerStack account to participate in the programs. PartnerStack makes it easy to track referrals, clicks, links and payments to our partners. They also make it easy to become a partner of many other awesome SaaS companies so you can earn even more rewards.

  • Payments are calculated by NiceJob/PartnerStack on a monthly basis and are paid out monthly through Stripe. At the end of each month, sales made during that month are tallied, verified and vetted for fraud. This creates a small delay in the actual payment to your bank account. Partners should expect payments by the 15th of the next month. For example: You made a sale on June 3rd. The sale is confirmed, verified and vetted and paid out to you on July 15th.

NiceJob's mission is to help small businesses get the reputation they deserve. We do this by developing software that ensures great work never goes unappreciated, unrewarded, or unrecognized. To date, NiceJob software has helped over 2500 small businesses get more reviews, more referrals and ultimately more sales. We’re excited you’ve decided to join us on this mission! Let’s get started!

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