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Does NiceJob provide a business chat feature?
Does NiceJob provide a business chat feature?

Allowing your customers to message your company easily can provide a good customer experience. Is this possible with NIceJob?

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Whats business chat?

Apps that allow conversational messaging between a company and it's leads and customers. This is usually via a widget on your website that allows your website visitors to message you and an app console where your team then responds to the incoming messages.

NiceJobs approach

NiceJob approaches software from a best in class viewpoint. We've seen that most companies that attempt to build every feature, do none of them particularly well.

So instead of building business chat into NiceJob, we're integrating with best in class chat apps that already do an amazing job of chat.

Here's some of the business chat apps we recommend:


Native NiceJob to Intercom integration coming fall 2019.



Free plans, and chat agent service also available.
Learn more about Tawk here.

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