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What is my Microsite?
What is my Microsite?

A overview of your Microsite and what it does!

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Your Microsite is a landing page which allows your customers and leads to view the collection of reviews pulled in from your connected review channels in real time!

This page can be found via search engine and are linked into the NiceJob Widgets as well as the NiceJob posts shared to connected social media accounts.

Easily find this page by heading into your Settings > Product Settings > Microsite Settings

Here, in the top half of the settings tab, you have the ability to:

  1. Toggle your 'Collect Leads' button on and off,

  2. Adjust the name of the lead button text, the title of your lead form, and lead form submission button

Watch those leads come rolling in!

Want to customize the fields listed on your Microsite lead form? We've got you covered! Make those adjustments here using these instructions.

Not only can you capture leads in your Microsite, you'll also be able to trigger "check-ins" which automate customer Campaign enrollment after a delay of your choosing!

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