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How to set up your email with GSuite
How to set up your email with GSuite
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Update: Since the writing of the article some of the user experience on Google has changed, but the steps are largely the same.

Google Apps service that allows you to set up your email address using your own domain, ex. To get started go to

  • Since the time of writing, Google has made minor changes to the process, but the general idea is the same.

1. Click the Getting Started button and fill in the fields about your company.

2. Either buy a new domain, or use the domain you already own.

3. Follow the steps to create a username and password.

4. Click the "Start Setup" button and select "Verify your domain".

5. You'll now have to verify that you are the owner of the domain. It will ask you to either add a meta tag to your page, or select an alternate method. Choose the alternate method and choose "Add a domain host record".

6. It will ask you to log into your domain host's website. Just click the "I have successfully logged in" checkbox - you don't need to actually log in, we'll take care of it for you.

7.  It will ask you to go to the control panel for your domain. Just click the "I have opened the control panel" checkbox - you don't need to actually open it, we'll take care of it for you.

8. It will now ask you to create a TXT record. You'll see a link in this box that says "Add a CNAME record instead." Click that link.

9. Copy the "Label/Host" and the "Destination / Target" and send them to We'll add them for you. Then click the "I have created the CNAME record checkbox.

10. Click the "I have saved the CNAME record" checkbox.

11. Click the "Verify" button. You're all done! Google Apps will likely tell you verification will take 1 hour. As our team needs to update your domain records before verification takes place, allow 8-24 hours for verification. You can safely close the Google Apps window and log in later to see if verification is done. Make sure you remember the email and password you used to log in!

If you need further help with this, contact and we'd be happy to give you a hand. And if you'd like us to just take care of it for you, let us know. If you already have a Google Apps account you'll need to provide us the username and password for that account for us to do these steps for you.

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