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Does NiceJob take care of my email?
Does NiceJob take care of my email?
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No. We focus on providing the best online marketing platform available, and leave email to companies that specialize in email, like Zoho, Rackspace, Microsoft Outlook, and Google.

If you currently have an,,, email address you won't have to change anything when you move your website to Convert.

But if you currently have an email address and use that same domain name as your Convert website address, there is an important change you must be aware of to ensure your email continues functioning smoothly.

You'll need to send the MX server name of your email host to us at If you don't know what this is, simply request it from the company that hosts your email, they'll know what to give you. We'll add this MX record to your domain zone file which will ensure your email keeps functioning smoothly.  

Better email for less

Most NiceJob clients previously paid for hosting their website. Convert includes world class hosting for free so their is no need for our clients to continue paying for their old web hosting accounts. 

If your email was also hosted by the company that hosted your website, we suggest looking into switching to a specialized email provider, this usually results in a cost savings and more reliable email. 

We recommend:

  • Zoho - free

  • Rackspace Email - $2 per account / month

  • Google Apps - $5 per account / month

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