Connect to social media sites to share your customer stories to your wider network to get more leads and sales! 

Connect your social media sites

Here's a short video showing you how to set this up: 

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Navigate to Settings > Product Settings > Connections > Social Media (

  2. Click Connect next to the platform you want to share stories on and follow the on screen instructions.

Having trouble? Click on this help article for further support.

Share your customer stories

There's two ways you can then share your stories to these social media sites:

1. Use our automation feature to share your stories automatically to social media 

Once connected to the social media click 'manage' next to the relevant platform and toggle on 'auto-sharing'. Here you can also set a minimum star rating for reviews you would like to be posted!

Please note auto-sharing is not currently available for Instagram.

2. Selectively share your stories through the stories page 

This option enables you to more selectively share customer stories and allows you to craft the perfect post that will drive maximum engagement and get more leads!

With this feature you can preview and make edits in-app to your customer stories before you share, saving you time whilst ensuring it is optimized for the social media site you are sharing it on.

On the Stories page click the share icon underneath the review you would like to post, select which social media sites you would like to post it on and edit the post if desired.

To make edits, simply click on the area of the post you would like to edit.

  • Background: select from the background options or choose 'no background'

  • Review snippet: these are the highest impact phrases that we pull out of the review for you. Choose from the suggested phrase options and make tweaks to them if needed by clicking into the snippet area on the preview and start typing.

  • Caption: edit the caption by clicking into the area and start typing

Then click 'Share' 🎉

You can make edits to the 'Original' post, which will ensure your edits are reflected across all social media sites, or make edits specifically for each social site.

To make edits only for one social site, click directly into the desired social site and make edits to the preview. You will see a paintbrush symbol next to the social site that has distinct edits.

Need help? Contact and we'd be happy to support 😊

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