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How to install the Engage Widget
How to install the Engage Widget

Provide instant credibility to website visitors and increase your website's conversion rate

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What is Engage?

The Engage Widget shows your website visitors real recent reviews, customer stories and purchases as they visit your website. This social proof helps potential customers feel confident about their decision to book with you, converting more leads.

We use machine learning to optimize and deliver social proof to your website visitors. Which means more sales with less work. Engage learns what stories work best to grow your conversions even more over time.

Here is an example of the Engage widget in action (watch the bottom left hand corner):

Engage pulls in your most recent 12 reviews and bookings from the last 6 months will be displayed. Bookings will only show up if you have connected your CRM to NiceJob, either directly or via Zapier*. Visit the app page to see which ones we integrate with! 

*If you have connected your CRM via Zapier, you will need to create a separate Zap specifically for the purpose of creating booking events in NiceJob which will allow us to show new bookings in the Engage widget. To do this, the NiceJob 'action' should be 'create booking event'. See Zapier help article for more details.

How to Install Engage on your website

What you'll need

  • Access to your web pages HTML and basic knowledge of how to edit HTML.

  • If you have a NiceJob Convert website, we'll will take care of adding any widget you like for you. Just email

Adding the engage widget using HTML

  1. Click here or navigate to Settings > Product Settings > Widgets > Engage.  Copy the code provided.

  2. Edit the HTML of the web page were you'd like to add the widget and paste the code provided into your web page where you'd like the widget to be located.

If someone else manages your website, just copy the widget code and send it to them.

Customizing the widget using HTML

The default settings for the widget is for it to show up in the bottom right corner of the screen and to show both bookings and reviews. This can be customeized by selcting your preferences in the engage widget settings here

If you do not want the widget to show on your mobile website view then simply toggle off mobile on this settings page. 

Adding the engage widget using wordpress

  1. Search for "NiceJob" in the plugin directory (

  2. Install and activate the plugin. A new NiceJob menu will appear on the admin sidebar menu.

  3. Copy your Company ID from NiceJob company profile page, and paste into the relevant field.

  4. Save the Company ID, it will be automatically used in the shortcode.

  5. Next go to the  rich text editor (make sure you are in "classic mode"). You will see little NiceJob logos in the tool bar for each of the widgets available for you to install. When you click on the engage widget you want, the shortcode will appear in the text editor and you can put it wherever you want the widget to appear.  

Customizing the shortcode:

Use this shortcode for the default settings (right positioning and showing both bookings and reviews): 

[nicejob-engage position="right" event-types="Booking,Review"]

Other options:

  • Position on Screen: either "right" or "left"

  • Event types: "Booking" or "Review" or "Booking,Review" (for both)

After it's installed, the widget will automatically display new reviews, bookings and purchases to your website visitors helping you convert more leads to sales! 


How long does it take for Engage to show up for website visitors?

7 seconds

How do I get my bookings to display in Engage?

By connecting your CRM to NiceJob (either directly or via Zapier) we are able to pull in any booking made via that CRM. If you do not see your particular CRM in the apps page or it doesn't connect via Zapier, contact and let us know! We are always looking to increase our integrations with relevant partners! 

Can you install it for me?

If you have a Convert website then absolutely! We are also able to install it on other websites if you are able to provide us with editor access just email and we'd be happy to give you a hand! 

Which reviews and bookings will be displayed?

Engage will display your recent reviews and bookings from the last 6 months. 

Can I remove engage on the mobile view of my website? 

Yes! simply toggle off "show on mobile" in your engage settings.

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