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How to send delayed invites using NiceJob's Check-In feature
How to send delayed invites using NiceJob's Check-In feature

Microsite Check-in feature

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We've got a great way for you to enroll your customers as you provide your services: though our Check-In Feature!

Simply put, the customer can Check-In at the beginning of the service/appointment using your unique check-in link and approximately 60 minutes later (or your desired time delay), the customer will be enrolled into a Get Reviews Campaign. Too much work for the customer? Have your staff check them in upon arrival!

The Check-In settings and link live here, in your Microsite Settings page.

  1. Toggle Check-In feature on

  2. Set time-delay

  3. Save!

Adding the Check-In link to your company website is an easy way of allowing your customers access to submitting their desired contact details.

If you'd prefer to take that work off of their hands, allow your staff to take over the info entry at time of appointment or service.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to our Success team at

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