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You can have multiple Google My Business (GMB) pages and It’s easy to have them under a single account within NiceJob.

If you have multiple GMB pages, we recommend creating a NiceJob company for each page you have in your account. For details on adding new companies to your account read here:
Can You Add Multiple Business Locations With NiceJob?

This will allow you to manage all your GMB pages from one account and have NiceJob automate the review collection for all your pages.

Although you could occasionally switch out one GMB location for another within a single company, we strongly recommend against it. It should be noted that if you have separate Review sites for your locations, each of the locations will need a separate NiceJob Reviews subscription to manage reviews and the reputation of each location.

After you have your new location setup within your NiceJob account

Navigate to Settings > Product Settings > Review Sites and click 'Connect' next to the Google connection.

Connecting Your Google My Business Page

As you are connecting multiple companies through one Google login, ensure that you authorize ALL the companies you want to connect in the first step of connection. Afterwards it will ask you which of the authorized pages you want to connect to the current location within NiceJob.
If you go back and change which companies you have authorized when connecting a second company to no longer allow the first, the first company will lose its Google connection.

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