Connecting NiceJob to Yelp will allow you to collect more Stories and share them to your connected social media sites. 😃

Once connected, NiceJob will gradually pull your existing reviews into the NiceJob platform over time, as quickly as Yelp allows us to.

Since NiceJob adheres to the terms and services outlined by Yelp, we are able to pull in the majority or all your Yelp reviews. But of course, the final reviews authorized to be displayed, is at the discretion of Yelp.

The process of connecting Yelp is simple: find your Yelp page url and add it to your NiceJob account. 😊

How do I find my Yelp URL?

You can find your Yelp Url by logging in to your Yelp Account to access a location. The Yelp Listing URL will appear in the address bar.

It should look like this example:

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