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Connecting LinkedIn to NiceJob
Connecting LinkedIn to NiceJob

How to Connect LinkedIn to NiceJob and what happens when you do

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Expanding your social media reach can help improve your search engine rankings and provide valuable additional channel of traffic to your website. Connecting your personal LinkedIn page to NiceJob can help do this 🥳.

Here’s How to Connect LinkedIn to NiceJob:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Product Settings > Social Media

  2. Click Connect next to LinkedIn and authorize NiceJob to access your account 😁

  3. Toggle ON the auto sharing feature and select the minimum stars required for reviews to be to be shared to your page 👍

How does it work?

Once a customer leave you a review, NiceJob is able to create and automatically post your review to your personal LinkedIn page. Below is an example of how a review would appear 😁.

Can I connect to my company's LinkedIn page?

Due to how LinkedIn connections are setup, we are only allowed to connect and share to your Personal LinkedIn page, not your Company LinkedIn page.

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