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How to install the Referrals Widget
How to install the Referrals Widget

Collect Referrals from your customers on your website using the Referrals widget

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The Referrals widget makes it easy for your happy customers to recommend your business directly from your website.

How to add the Referrals widget to you website

These instructions are for non-Wordpress websites. For Wordpress see instructions further down:

  1. Select the Referrals widget

  2. Copy the code provided and paste it into your website in a place that it would be easy for your customers to find

Using Wordpress?

  1. Search for "NiceJob" in the plugin directory (

  2. Install and activate the plugin. A new NiceJob menu will appear on the admin sidebar menu.

  3. Copy your Company ID from NiceJob company profile page, and paste into the relevant field.

  4. Save the Company ID, it will be automatically used in the shortcode.

  5. Next go to the rich text editor (make sure you are in "classic mode"). You will see little NiceJob logos in the tool bar for each of the widgets available for you to install. When you hover over the logos it tells you which widget each logo represents. Click on the Referrals widget, the shortcode will appear in the text editor and you can put it wherever you want the widget to appear.

    Alternatively, if you can't find the rich text editor, you can use your custom builder to add a text box, then copy the Referrals shortcode from your NiceJob plugin page (also laid out below) into the text editor or a shortcode field.

Collect Referrals


Styling options:

  • type: [a/button] anchor link or button, default: a (optional)

  • class: additional element class (optional)

  • text: element text, default: Recommend us! (optional)

Example usage of complete options:

[nicejob-recommendation type="button" class="button-right button-blue" text="Recommend us!"]

Great ways to use the Referrals widget on your website

You can display the Referrals widget in different ways on your website.

Add it to your homepage

  1. Create a 'Recommend us' button on your homepage, somewhere where your happy customers can easily find it

  2. Apply the widget code to the button

Create a Referrals landing page

  1. Create a new page on your website called Recommend Us

  2. Add your page title, header, footer, and navigation (you want it to be easy for your customers to find this page)

  3. If you are offering an incentive to your customers, this would be a great place to explain that incentive, so your customers know how they and/or their friends will be rewarded if they recommend you to their friends

  4. Create a 'Recommend us' button on the landing page

  5. Apply the widget code to the button

Here's how it could look on a website:

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