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Tracking Referrals through your landing page
Tracking Referrals through your landing page
Learn how to ensure Referrals are tracked through your landing page
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When your customer recommends your business to their friends, we'll direct their friends to a landing page to encourage them to convert to a customer.

By default that landing page is your NiceJob microsite, where we host all of your great reviews โญ๏ธ (FYI you can edit your microsite settings from this page here ๐Ÿ˜‰)

You also have the option to replace that default landing page with another of your choice e.g. the homepage of your business website from your Referrals settings.

You must ensure your Referrals landing page is trackable so that we can surface to you whether your customer's friend (lead) has clicked on the link and their journey in becoming a new customer.

How do I make my landing page trackable?

If you opt for the default microsite landing page, then you are good to go, as this page is already trackable โœ…

If you edit the landing page to a different one, to ensure that landing page is trackable all you need to do is ensure at least one of our widgets (which contains our SDK that handles the tracking) are installed on that landing page.

You can choose from any of our widgets, including:

If you need any help with installing the widgets, visit this help article or contact our support at

How do I know if the landing page is trackable?

If we can detect that the landing page contains our SDK, you will see this icon next to the landing page in your Referrals settings:

If we cannot detect the SDK on your landing page, you will see this alert:

Still need some help? Contact our Success team at ๐Ÿ˜Š

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