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Connecting Vonigo to NiceJob
Connecting Vonigo to NiceJob

How to connect Vonigo to NiceJob and what the connection does.

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What is Vonigo?

Built for multi-location enterprises and franchises, Vonigo is a field service management platform that has helped countless home service brands put the technology and processes in place needed to scale their business to the next level 🚀 Vonigo provides all you need to run a service franchise at the corporate, brand, and franchisee levels 👍

How to connect Vonigo to NiceJob

  1. Login to your Vonigo account

  2. Contact Vonigo customer support ( and ask them to enable the NiceJob integration and allow "Email Promotions".

  3. After the Vonigo & NiceJob integration has been enabled, in Vonigo click “Business Unit” in the left sidebar menu

  4. Under “Business Unit Setup” click “Connect to NiceJob”

  5. NOTE: Email communication settings in Vonigo may need to be adjusted (requires Vonigo Administrator Account)

  6. Click "Setup" in the left sidebar menu > Client > Client Master Setup, you will see Commercial and Residential, click both.

  7. Please send request to to set ''Email Promotions' settings for all clients in the franchise.

How the connection works

Once the connection from Vonigo to NiceJob is enabled, the connection will allow you to sync Vonigo with NiceJob. Below are details on how the integration works:

  1. Vonigo syncs Account Contacts, Jobs and Work Orders to NiceJob

  2. When a new Account Contact is added or updated Vonigo syncs information to NiceJob

  3. When a Job is added or updated it is synced to NiceJob

  4. When a Work Order is added or updated it synced to NiceJob

  5. When an Invoice is created for a Work Order Vonigo sends the Work Order as completed to NiceJob

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I think the connection is not working?

Just email Vonigo at and let us know! We'll test it and make sure you're up and running.

How do I remove the connection?

Email Vonigo at if you’d like to remove the connection.

How do I prevent invites from being sent to certain customers?

Create a Job or customer tag called “noreview” to prevent inviting certain customers.

Does Vonigo send employee data to NiceJob so that my reviews can get automatically attributed to the right employee?

No, they don't. Learn more about employee attribution and other ways you can make use of it here.

Does Vonigo send booking events to the Engage Widget?

Yes! Your booking events will appear on the Engage Widget on your website. You can set up your Engage Widget here.

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