What is Zapier?

Zapier is a service that connects different apps to each other. For most users it's free! If you use it often, there are paid accounts as well.

How do I connect NiceJob to Zendesk Salesforce, Mailchimp or other apps?

With Zapier!

First, click this link to open the Zapier NiceJob connection page. You'll see this:

Click the "+" button next to the NiceJob logo.

Choose the app that you want to connect to NiceJob.

You have the option to either have an app trigger an action in NiceJob, or have NiceJob trigger an action in your app.

Let's look at a couple of examples:

Example 1: Having QuickBooks trigger an action in NiceJob

Choose your Trigger. 

The trigger options will vary depending on the app you are choosing to connect. In this example, you can use a trigger like New Customer. That means each time a new customer is created in Quickbooks it will create that customer in NiceJob, saving you double data entry. 
*Do note, you need to have either Manager or Owner access to your NiceJob account to build a Zap

Or you can create a trigger like "Invoice Closed" so each time an invoice closes, NiceJob will send a review invite to the customer. 

Choose your NiceJob Action

The action is what NiceJob will do when your trigger fires. Available NiceJob actions are:

Enroll Contact

Enroll a customer in a NiceJob campaign, for example the Get Reviews campaign to get more reviews from your customer. 

Create or Update Person

Create the customer in NiceJob or update the details of an existing customer in NiceJob.

Create Booking

Create a booking event in NiceJob. This allows us to showcase new bookings via the Engage widget.

Create Case

Create a case event in NiceJob

Create Invoice

Create an invoice event in NiceJob

Create Visit

Create a visit event in NiceJob

Create Payment

Create a case event in NiceJob

Create Employee

Creates a new employee in NiceJob

Find a Person

Finds a person with a specific email address

Example 2: Have NiceJob trigger an action in Gmail

Choose your NiceJob Trigger.

The available NiceJob triggers are:

Person Created or Updated

An action will occur when a person is created or updated in NiceJob

Review Created or Updated

An action will occur when a review is created or updated in NiceJob

In this example we could choose to select the 'Review Created or Updated' trigger to result in an email being sent via Gmail to that customer to thank them for their review.

Choose your Action

The action options will vary depending on the app that you choose. In this example, we could select 'Send Email' to have an email automatically send to the customer to thank them for leaving a review when it is created in NiceJob.

Using Zapier with NiceJob reduces needless data entry, saves time, and automates your processes. Enjoy!

More of a visual learner? We got your back! Here's an in-depth video which walks you through each step:

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