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Connect ServiceMinder to NiceJob
Connect ServiceMinder to NiceJob

Spend less time following up with customers and generate more reviews by connecting NiceJob to ServiceMinder

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Integrating NiceJob with ServiceMinder means you can automate the sending of review invites to your customers at the moment of peak excitement! 🚀

What is ServiceMinder?

ServiceMinder is an award-winning platform for managing and operating home services franchises.

Whether a home services franchisor or reseller, ServiceMinder has the tools to help franchisees and clients optimize and grow their businesses.

How to connect ServiceMinder to NiceJob?

💡 Please note this does require a paid Zapier account to complete. You can log in or create an account by clicking here. Alternatively if you reach out to our Success team they would be happy to create your Zap for you using our own account once you have completed steps 1-9 below - just email 😃

Watch a step-by-step walkthrough:

If you prefer to read the steps, you can find them below:

  1. Navigate to the ServiceMinder website and log in

  2. Click on Drips from the Navigation panel (left side)

  3. Click on Triggers

  4. Click Add... (top left)

  5. Add a Name and a Description

  6. Click on the dropdown next to Trigger On and select when you want the trigger to run, i.e. when you want your customer to start receiving review invites.
    Good options are Appointment Completed, Invoice Paid or TaskBoard item updated.

  7. Click on the dropdown under Action and select JSON POST

  8. Click on Details... next to the JSON POST dropdown

  9. Keep this tab open and navigate to Zapier (login or create an account if you don't have one already, or reach out to our Success team who would be happy to complete the remaining steps for you on our own Zapier account. Just email

  10. Click Create Zap

  11. Search and select Webhooks by Zapier (please note: this does require a paid Zapier account)

  12. Click on the Event dropdown and select Catch Hook

  13. Leave Pick off a Child Key empty and click Continue

  14. Copy the URL provided by Zapier in this step. Navigate back to ServiceMinder and paste it in the Url* section under JSON POST Details

  15. Copy the code below and paste it in the Payload* section
    "Name": "{}",
    "Email": "{}",
    "Phone": "{}"

  16. Make sure the correct data is getting sent to the Zapier Webhook by triggering a test based on your choice of trigger in step 6

  17. Click Save

  18. Back in Zapier, add an Action step and search for NiceJob

  19. Select Enroll Contact from the Event dropdown

  20. Connect your NiceJob account when prompted

  21. Map the fields, Email (required), Name and Phone from ServiceMinder to the fields in NiceJob

  22. Run a test to make sure everything is mapped correctly. Click Continue and then Test action after mapping the fields. Check the People tab in NiceJob, a test is successful if you see a new entry with the same contact information as the test.

  23. Name your Zap and click Publish

  24. Enjoy the power of sweet automation! ⚡️

If you need any support at all with the above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at and we would be happy to help 😊

Frequent Questions

What do I do if I think the connection is not working?

Just email us at or click the blue chat icon in the NiceJob app and let us know! We'll work with you to get it up and running.

How do I prevent invites from being sent to certain customers?

To do that, you will need to set up another Zap that sends over the client's information to NiceJob through a Zapier Webhook as soon as you add them to your ServiceMinder account. Please reach out to if you need help setting this up.

Once that's done, anytime you add someone new in ServiceMinder their contact info will show up in NiceJob. Then you can Block them from being enrolled in the Get Reviews campaign by going to the People Page, clicking on the customer's profile that you want to block, clicking on the three dots next their name, and selecting 'Block'. Make sure you do this before triggering whatever event you chose in step 6.

How do I pause/remove the connection?

To pause the connection, head over to Zapier and turn off the respective Zap.

To remove the connection completely, you can delete the Trigger from ServiceMinder

Does ServiceMinder send employee data to NiceJob so that my reviews can get automatically attributed to the right employee?

No, they don't. Learn more about employee attribution and other ways you can make use of it here.

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