What are Stories?

Learn how to use stories to build your reputation

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Customer stories are at the heart of NiceJob and are the key to building your companies reputation and winning you more business: they help boost your SEO and increase your conversion rates!

Stories are made up of two parts: 

1. A review

2. A photo or album of the product you sold or service you provided, whenever possible

How to create a Story in NiceJob

It's easy to create compelling customer stories in NiceJob, or even better have your customers create them for you. 

A Story can begin in two ways:

1. You upload a photo of your work that you have completed. 

From here you are able to add a comment about the photo, tag it with the services that were provided, add a location and share it with the customer as part of a review invite. When the review comes back it will be attached to the photo for you to share to your website or social media. 

2. A customer leaves you a review

From here you are able to add a photo (or multiple photos), tags and a location to an existing review to make a more powerful story.

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