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How Convert website leads are tracked in Google Analytics, how to access analytics, and how to track conversions in Adwords

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Convert websites are fully integrated with Google Analytics. Each Convert website has their own analytics account. Key events like leads and phone calls are tracked within the analytics account. 

Actions that trigger analytics events

Web form submittals

When a visitor to your website submits a request to you via the web form on your site, a Google Analytics event is triggered. 

Phone calls

If you have call tracking turned on for you Convert website, every phone call made to your call tracking number will create a lead event in Analytics.

How events are recorded in Analytics

Analytics sorted by Category and action. 

  • All lead events are given the CATEGORY "Leads"

  • Phone calls are given the ACTION "Receive call"

  • Form submittals are given the ACTION "Receive lead"

How Goals are recorded in Analytics

In analytics, you can setup goals that get triggered by events. We create a custom Goal to track all analytics events of the CATEGORY "Leads". This goal is simply called "Leads".

How to view goals and events in analytics

First, request access to your Convert websites analytics account.

Getting access to your Convert website analytics

To get Editor access to your Convert website's Google Analytics account, simply email and request access. 

For security, you must send the request from the email of the NiceJob account owner, and specify the email address of the Google account you'd like to add.

Viewing events

You can also create custom reports to cross reference events with aquisistion channel, location, etc.

Viewing goals

To see goals in Analytics, go to: 

You can also create custom reports to cross reference goals with acquisition channel, location, etc.

Using Analytics Goals to track conversions in AdWords

One of the most important use cases for having events and goals in Analytics is to track Google Adwords conversions. This lets you see which of your Adwords clicks results in a conversion on your website.

As all events and goals are already being tracked, to link this data to Adwords is pretty straightforward. Here's a support article from Google for linking the two accounts: 

Common issues linking the accounts

Getting help for events, goals, Adwords, or Analytics

As these are all Google features, support and questions related to these must be provided by Google. If you'd like to learn more about this, please contact Google support.

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