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Customer Matching
Customer Matching

The latest notification feature in the dashboard helps you match customers to reviews. Learn more.

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You may have seen the latest notification feature in your dashboard. At the top of a review or story, a little box pops up asking "Is this... "

If a customer uses a different name for their Google or Facebook account to the one you used in NiceJob to send them review request, NiceJob works to link the two together, but sometimes we need a little help to help make sure we're matching the right customer to the right review. 

If we’re having trouble matching the names, you’ll see a notification above the story in the dashboard, asking you to confirm whether a review matches a customer in your campaign. 

For example, you might fill out the name Kimberly for a customer, but if she is logged into Facebook or Google as Kim, the system will register the review under Kim. In this case, you'll most likely receive a notification to confirm that this is the same person. 

This is so that the system knows when a customer has sent a review, and we stop the message sequence so that they won't be reminded again. 

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