When you ask for a review from a customer, they get enrolled in the NiceJob Get Reviews campaign. 

They will get a review invite from NiceJob and we'll follow up with well-timed drip emails to encourage them to leave a review. Once they have left a review or have received all of the messages they will automatically exit the campaign.

There's two options to easily remove someone from a campaign manually:

  1. Unenroll - Remove the contact from the current campaign they are in. Once a contact is unenrolled from a campaign, they can't be enrolled in a campaign again for 6 months.

  2. Block - Remove the contact from the current campaign and prevent any future invites from NiceJob.

To do either of these options follow the following steps: 

  1. Go to https://app.nicejob.com/people

2. Select the person you'd like to remove

3. Click "unenroll" under campaigns


4. Click "block" in the drop down next to the customer name in the top left

Note: Deleting a contact should only be done if you were planning to re-invite them to a campaign, as it removes all their history in NiceJob. See How to Restart a Campaign for a Customer

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