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Connecting HouseCall Pro to NiceJob
Connecting HouseCall Pro to NiceJob

How to connect HouseCall Pro to NiceJob and what the connection does.

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Integrating NiceJob with HouseCall Pro means you can automate the sending of review invites to your customers shortly after a job is complete. 

What is HouseCall Pro?

HouseCall Pro is a home service management software that makes it easy to schedule, dispatch, estimate, invoice, accept credit cards and get booked online by customers. All from your phone.

To integrate NiceJob to HouseCall Pro, you must have a HouseCall Pro account and either be on the free trial of NiceJob or be on our standard plan.

How to connect HouseCall Pro to NiceJob

With our native integration it is only a couple of easy steps to connect HCP to NiceJob to automate sending review invites. To connect:

  1. Make sure you have an active NiceJob account with the Standard Reviews plan. If you don't have a NiceJob account yet, you can go to and sign up for a free 14 day trial.

  2. Navigate to your app settings here: (settings > product settings > apps) and click connect next to HouseCall Pro.

  3. Log in to your HCP account and follow the authorization instructions. 

What does the HouseCall Pro connection do?

  • NiceJob will automatically import your list of people, employees.

  • NiceJob will sync all future people, employee, job and visit events from HouseCall Pro into NiceJob

  • By default, upon closing a job (called booking in NiceJob), NiceJob will automatically trigger a review request campaign to that customer 😎

Mark a job 'Finished' in HouseCall and NiceJob will automatically enroll that customer in the Get Reviews campaign immediately.

Use the customer tag or job tag noreview to prevent that customer from receiving a review invite. 

New bookings through HouseCall pro will also show up in the Engage Widget if you have that installed (here's how). This is great social proof for leads visiting your website!

Data we'll send or receive

  • People (on related visit update)

  • Employees (on related visit update)

  • Bookings (on related visit update)

    • Is complete

    • Tags

    • Time completed

    • Time created

    • Time scheduled

  • Visits

    • Amount

    • Is complete

    • Tags

    • Time completed

    • Time created

    • Time scheduled

    • Average of amounts

    • Count

    • Sum of amounts

Connecting through Zapier

We are also able to connect HouseCall Pro and NiceJob through
This will enable you to add any additional filters (e.g. not sending review invites to commercial customers or customers with a $0 value job). To enable this connection: 

  1. In HouseCall, navigate to the App Store, and select the NiceJob connection and click the button to make the request. NiceJob will receive a notification of your request.

  2. Message us in the blue bubble on the NiceJob website or app after you've made the request to confirm you want us to go ahead and set it up for you and mention any specific filters you would like included.  

  3. NiceJob will go ahead and create a Zapier connection between NiceJob and your account and notify you when it's done. Please note, nothing additional will display in HouseCall or NiceJob indicating that the connection is active.

Frequent Questions

What do I do if I think the connection is not working?

Just email us at or click the blue chat icon in the NiceJob app and let us know! We'll test it and make sure you're up and running.

How do I prevent invites from being sent to certain customers?

Simply add the tag: noreview to the customer or the job prior to closing it to prevent that customer from receiving a review invite.

How do I remove the connection?

Simply click manage next to HCP in your app settings and then click disconnect. If we set it up for you in Zapier just email us at or click the blue chat icon in the NiceJob app to let us know and we'll remove it for you!

Can I add photos when using the HouseCall automated connection?

Yes, but not until after the review is received. We're working with HouseCall to enable you to add photos to the review invites as well even when using the automated connection.

Can I just bring over my contacts from HouseCall to NiceJob and manually send the invites out?

Although this is not yet possible with our native connection, you can do this through Zapier. Contact us at and we'll get that set up for you!

Does HouseCall Pro send employee data to NiceJob so that my reviews can get automatically attributed to the right employee?

Yes! If you have employees assigned to jobs in HouseCall Pro, that data is sent to us via the integration which allows us to automatically attribute reviews received to the right employee. Learn more about employee attribution and how you can make use of it here.

Does HouseCall Pro send booking events to the Engage Widget?

Yes! Your booking events will appear on the Engage Widget on your website. You can set up your Engage Widget here.

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