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How can I add my contact list to NiceJob?
How can I add my contact list to NiceJob?

Uploading an existing customer list to send review invites to past customers

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Adding your past customers to NiceJob is a great way to collect reviews to help build your online reputation! Customers who provide repeat business and your other recent clients are the best place to start.
This quick video will show you how to get that uploaded:

To bulk upload your chosen contact or customer list, go to the People Page in NiceJob. 

From there you can click on 'import contacts which allows you to upload a spreadsheet in CSV format. This is explained further in the "Frequent Questions" below. We have even provided a CSV template for you to get you started! 

Frequent Questions

What information should be included on the spreadsheet?

The spreadsheet must contain an email and name for each customer, and should preferably contain a mobile phone number. These are the essential pieces of information that will help you get the most out of the NiceJob platform! The first row (aka the header) should contain titles for these columns, as shown below:

What other customer information can be saved in NiceJob?

The following are the optional columns for customer information that can be added into NiceJob:

  • Company

  • Position

  • Phone (or) mobile phone (or) mobile number

  • Address (or) street

  • City

  • State

  • Zip (or) postalcode

  • Country

How do I save my spreadsheet in CSV format?

Many of our customers have their customer list saved using Excel or Google Sheets. To ensure the spreadsheet is in CSV format, save the spreadsheet using "Download As" or "Export To". After, you can confirm by checking that the file has ".csv" at the end of the file name. 

If I upload the same spreadsheet with additional customers added to the bottom, will the existing customers be duplicated in my account's People tab?

No, your existing customers won't be duplicated. Only new customers will import into your company profile People tab. If you've added new contact details to the existing customers, their contact information will be updated in their NiceJob profiles.

Can you help me upload my contact list?

If you've gone through these instructions and are still having issues, you can email us a .csv or excel spreadsheet at and we'll add them for you.

How do I invite them to leave me a review?

After you've uploaded your contact list, you will see all those customers populated in the People tab, and the blue invite button beside their names.

Simply click the invite button beside any customers you'd like enrolled in your Reviews Campaign 😃

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