Connecting to your company's Facebook page can be a bit tricky. According to Facebook, NiceJob (and everyone else) has to connect to a personal Facebook profile before connecting to a Facebook company page managed by that personal profile. 

Don't worry! No one ever sees the personal Facebook profile, just the company page. Make sure you're logged into Facebook as the Facebook company page administrator before starting. 

Here's a short video walking you through it! 

Step by step instructions

  1. Go to and click the Facebook connection, as shown below:

Once you click connect and log in to your Facebook account:

2. Choose who can view your posts on Facebook, when you share a review through NiceJob. Setting it to "Public" will allow you to share the post with more potential customers!

3. On the next screen, if you select "choose what you allow", Facebook will ask 2 questions. These relate to if NiceJob can post on your behalf and you'll need to answer YES to both of these for NiceJob to connect to your company page.

4. Click "OK" and NiceJob will be connected to Facebook.

Common Issues

If you don't see a list of company pages the most common issues are:

  1. Being logged into Facebook as a user that is not an administrator of the company page. If this is the case, contact an administrator (there may be more than one) of the company page to get connected. 

  2. Answering NO to either of the two questions from Facebook. If this is the case, disconnect Facebook in NiceJob and re-connect it again answering yes! Be sure to use the default privacy settings to allow for the connection. 

  3. If you are connecting multiple companies through one Facebook login, ensure that you authorize ALL the companies you want to connect in the first step. If you go back and change which companies you have authorized when connecting a second company to longer allow the first, the first company will lose its Facebook connection.

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