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What are NiceJob CMS collections? How do I use them for blogs and content marketing pages?

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What is a CMS?

CMS stands for content management system. A NiceJob CMS is a product that allows you to create and manage parts of your website content by yourself. 

What is a CMS collection?

A CMS collection is like a folder that contains many individual pages of a similar type. For example, a 'Blog' could be a collection of articles. Or you could have a collection for 'Locations'. What makes each collection different is the type of content the collection includes as well as how it will be displayed.

Each collection (Location, Service, or Blog) can include an unlimited quantity of pages.

How are NiceJob CMS collections different from NiceJob landing pages?

NiceJob landing pages are fully managed by NiceJob. We write the content, optimize it for search engines, monitor the page's performance, and continually ensure the page is producing results for you.

Pages within a CMS collections are not managed by NiceJob. We only design the layout of the collection and the types of content blocks that will be used. All content is provided by you or by a third party agency. NiceJob does not monitor the pages that were created or guarantee any results for the pages created.

What's the price difference between a CMS collection and a Landing page?

Each CMS collections has a $245 setup fee and cost $15 per month for each collection of pages. You could have 10 Location pages, and still just be paying the $15 per month.

Landing pages have a $145 setup fee and cost $15 per month for each page. If you had 10 Location pages you'd be paying $150 per month for them.

Though CMS pages have a much lower cost, it's important to remember that they are self managed, so NiceJob does not provide the content or guarantee any results from them.

When should I use a CMS Collection?

The best use case is for content marketing pages. For example:

  • A blog

  • Location pages when you service many locations

  • You work with an SEO company that regularly produces content for you

When Should I Use Landing Pages?

For primary lead generation pages, like services pages or location pages, we highly recommend using a NiceJob Landing page for best results.

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