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Adjusting Access in Company Team
Adjusting Access in Company Team

Permitting and removing access to team members within your NiceJob account.

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Through your NiceJob Company Settings, you’re able to:

  1. Set your team member's level of access at the point of inviting them to your account

  2. Edit the access of each of your team members once they have accepted the invitation to your account

To do this, simply head into the Company Team (Settings > Company & Plans > Company Team)

To invite your team member, enter their name, email, and select the level of access you would like to give them.

While their invitation is pending, you will see an 'invitation pending' label next to their name. This means they are yet to accept the invite.

Once your team member has accepted the invite, you can edit their access using the toggle on the right-hand side.

What do each levels of access mean?

  • No access adds your team member to the Team Leaderboard without inviting them to create an account with NiceJob.

  • Team members are limited to access of customer actions.

  • Managers have access to all NiceJob account features except adjustment of Billing settings. 

  • Owners have full access to all NiceJob features.

The NiceJob account owner has the ability to invite team members to adjust the billing details and access all companies in account through the Account Team tab (Settings > Account Settings > Account Team).

 **Keep in mind is that once a team member has been added to the Account Team, they are no longer removable on the Company Team.**

Are team members that are listed in the leaderboard the same as team member users on my account?

Not necessarily. Any team members that you add to your account (via the Company Team page here) as users will automatically be added to the Team Leaderboard as a team member. However team members that are listed on the leaderboard due to review attribution are not users by default, and will only show up as team members with access if you invite them or edit their access via the Company Team page.

If you require any assistance along the way, message in the blue chat bubble or send us an email at

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