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Why are my photos uploading rotated?
Why are my photos uploading rotated?

How to prevent your photos from uploading to NiceJob rotated.

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"Why are my photos being uploaded rotated to my Stories tab?" You may ask..
This rotation is a very common issue among many platforms which is due to the orientation of your phone at the time of photo capture. This means that your photo hasn't been tagged with orientation data.

For instance, if you're holding your phone sideways while capturing the photo, it could be positioned sideways upon upload. 

To prevent this from happening, we suggest you edit the photo in the photo album, rotating it 90 degrees then back to how you'd prefer it be oriented. This will add the appropriate orientation data back into the photo.

Alternatively, you can download a photo editing app such as VSCO or PS Express from the Google Play or App Store on your mobile device. 

If you're uploading photos to your Stories dashboard from your laptop/desktop computer, we recommend using this website to rotate your images in batches. 

Bonus suggestion! 🌟 

Download and use the 'Layout' app to stitch together the before & after shots of your work! 

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