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Collect website leads
Collect website leads
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It's easy to collect leads on your website.

Then, just add the class "nj-lead" to any element that you want to trigger the lead form. New leads will automatically appear in your Opportunities list.

You can also see all your leads by going to and filtering by "Leads".

Add custom fields

You can add custom fields to your lead widget to collect the information you need from your customers. 

Watch this short video to learn how to add custom fields to your lead widget! 

Step by step instructions

The first thing to do is determine the type of field:

1. LONGTEXT - allows space for lead to write a more lengthy description 

2. SHORTTEXT - allows space for lead to write a short answer

3. SELECTOR - allows lead to select from a drop down of options that you specify

4. CHECKBOX - allows lead to confirm a statement

Next, you can choose the label for example 'Tell us your job requirements, how many rooms do you need cleaned?',  'which neighborhood are you in?'

Finally you can add whether this is a required field. 

Here is some examples to get you started: 

{ type: 'LONGTEXT', label: 'Tell us your job requirements', required: 'Yes' }
{ type: 'SHORTTEXT', label: 'When do you need the work done?', required: 'Yes' }
{ type: 'SELECTOR', label: 'Which neighbourhood are you in?', options: ['Southtown', 'Northtown', 'Easttown', 'Westtown'], required: 'Yes' }
{ type: 'CHECKBOX', label: 'Is this an urgent matter?' }

Direct link to your lead form popup

Sometimes you may want to add a direct link to your lead for popup from another site. To do this just add this to the end of your page URL:


So for example the full link would look like this:

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