How can I improve my rankings?
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Search engine rankings are based on a multitude of factors, many of which you can use to help improve your rankings. Below are some suggestions that can help improve your rankings.


Citations help search engines know that your company is real. For example, a listing on a local business directory that has an exact match of your company name, address, phone number, and contact can help search engines trust your website. More citations from trusted sources can be very beneficial to search engine rankings, and can have the added benefit of creating new channels of traffic to your website.

Search engines use links to establish what kind of content your website contains, and the relative importance of your content to others. Unlike in the past, it is no longer the number of links that matter, but the quality of the links. A high quality link is one that comes from a reputable source in your industry, that has not been solicited, and references your website as a valuable resource. Low quality links on the other hand can be very detrimental to your website, for a review of low quality links please see the Google Link Guidelines.

Social Media

Expanding your social media reach has been shown to effect search engine rankings, and provide a valuable additional channel of traffic to your website. Here's a few tip's to expand your social media reach:

  • Link your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to your Convert website. You can easily set this up in your Convert Toolbox.

  • Regularly add projects to your Convert Showroom. These will automatically share across your social media accounts.

  • Be proactive in inviting your current and potential future customer base to follow your social media profiles. 

  • Selectively post valuable industry-specific content. For ex. if your Twitter feed is known as a valuable source for industry news, you'll quickly gain followers.

There are hundreds of factors that contribute to how search engine rankings are determined, and these factors change constantly. Instead of trying to learn all the factors that determine rankings, the best results are achieved by companies that become known as the industry authority in their area. Doing this via your website and social media will result in more high-quality sources referencing your content, and better website rankings.

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