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Publish your Reviews and Photos on your Website
Publish your Reviews and Photos on your Website

Learn how to show off your best work and boost your reputation.

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We have made it super easy for you to automatically publish your reviews and photos straight to your website through our Stories Widget.
Watch this quick video to learn more:

Why do this? 

1. Search engines love it! 

2. It drives conversions from visitors to your website

How to do it

First install our stories widget to your website (see how here). There are then two options to post your stories to the widget.

  1. Automatically send all reviews over a certain star rating to your website. 

First navigate to review settings and toggle on the auto-publishing button. You can also set the minimum star rating filter here. 

2. Selectively publish certain reviews and photos in the stories page

Click publish in the drop down menu (three dots) under the review you would like to publish to your website

Image Upload Guidelines

Minimum size requirements for all photo uploads 480x360

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