Ever notice that your company logo appears cut off when you post them to your social media accounts? This is because the image isn't sized to most social media's optimal ratio standards.

We have a couple of solutions to get your company logos fitting perfectly on shared posts! 

Do note that when following these directions, you want to ensure your logo is no smaller that 200px and no greater than 2000px on any side.

Resize Your Image

ResizeImage.net is a great website to resize your company logo to conform to social media's optimal photo ratio of 1.91(wide)x1(high) 

  1. First thing's first, upload your company logo to the website

  2. From there, scroll down to #4 'Resize Your Image'

  3. Deselect 'Keep Aspect Ratio' The formatting will look as such: 100% x Horizontal Pixels x Vertical Pixels. Take the vertical pixels x 1.91 = your new horizontal pixels

  4. Update your horizontal pixel field

  5. Select the output image format and click 'Resize Image'.

  6. Click the 'download image' link once your image has successfully been resized

Add Negative Space Around Logo

Let's say you don't want to manipulate the company logo you already have, we have a fix for that as well! First, open up the image details of your company logo. 

  1. Just as before, take the Vertical Pixels x 1.91 = Your updated Horizontal Pixels

  2. Open up a browser go to Pixlr.com/e

  3. Click on 'Create New' & add in your updated desires pixels on the right-hand side.

  4. Add your company logo to the canvas through Layer > Add image as layer > Select your desired company logo image > Open. This will position the company logo to display in the perfect spot. You can leave it the way it is currently for the negative space to blend in with any background. 

  5. Click File > Save, Title and choose the file type you'd like to save the image under, then click 'download' and you'll have a perfectly positioned company logo!

*If your logo is already more than 1.91x as wide as it is tall, instead, divide the width by 1.91 to get your horizontal pixels. and proceed as before*

Upload your updated Company Logo to NiceJob

Finally, it's time for you to upload your new optimized company logo to NiceJob! 

Simply head into your Settings > Company & Plans > Company Profile and upload your optimized image file! Click 'save' and you'll be ready to go! 

If you'd like a helping hand along the way, send a message in to our Success Team at support@nicejob.com

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