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How to send review invites in the field?
How to send review invites in the field?

Use your mobile to send review invites on the go.

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Sending review invites as soon as possible after the job is complete is best practice to increase the likelihood of your customers leaving you a review. Even better? They receive the text invite while you are still standing in front of them. 

Through our mobile app, we have made it super easy for you and your technicians to send invites from the field, while you are still fresh in the customers mind. 😃

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Invite your technicians as team members on NiceJob. Simply head into the Company Team (Settings > Company & Plans > Company Team) and enter their email address to invite. They will have their own log-in and will be able to send out their own review invites to customers. (see this article for details on privileges for team members vs managers)

2. Download the NiceJob mobile app. Our iOS app can be downloaded from the apple store here and for Android devices we have a progressive web app that can be saved to your phones home-screen (here's how). 

3. Use the Get a Review button in the app to send review invites to your customers anywhere your phone is! You can also use the photo button allows you to snap a photo of the job you have just done to include in the invite to your customer. Remember, photo invites can increase your change of winning a review by 25%!

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