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Why NiceJob Reviews?
Why NiceJob Reviews?

NiceJob Reviews Channel

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We've provided our users with a great alternative in the review submission process!

Here's our philosophy: Leave no reviewer behind! 💪

This means, accommodating those customers who don't have social media accounts on Google, Facebook, or another review site.

Here are some ways NiceJob reviews help boost your reputation:

  1. Each NiceJob review is wrapped in Schema Markup! That means, Google is identifying the review as a rich source, making your web page look better in search engine results pages. *That applies to the NiceJob review found in your Microsite as well as any NiceJob review found on your company website via Widget.

  2. Each instance of positive feedback via the NiceJob review channel will gain further exposure upon being shared to your connected social media accounts!

  3. Provide you valuable insights into your customers experience to improve on your services.

As long as you have more than one review channel connected, (for example: Google and Facebook) NiceJob Reviews will be found under 'Other review site options' on the list of connected channels:

Not only does it help bring in more reviews for you, it's also incredibly easy to submit a NiceJob review! All that's required is the customer's star-rating, comment, name, and email!

Of course, any questions you have about NiceJob reviews are welcome!

Reach out to our Success department through the little blue chat bubble or email your inquiries direct at

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