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Connecting Compass Wave to NiceJob
Connecting Compass Wave to NiceJob

How to connect to your NiceJob account in Compass Wave and what the connection does.

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This is just the first phase of this new integration with lots of new features and functionality to come!

What Is Compass Wave?

Compass Wave is an estimate tool for cleaning companies and maid services to help price your residential cleaning jobs and provide customers instant estimates.

With Compass Wave, you can ask prospective customers questions and associate those questions with the costs that make up the bottom line of your cleaning business.

If you're looking for software that can help you run your cleaning business more efficiently and give you the estimate tools needed to drive prospective customers to your business, then look no further than Compass Wave! 😃

Who Uses Compass Wave?

Compass Wave is designed specifically for residential cleaning companies and maid service companies. For house cleaners who are interested in an easy way to collect and manage their estimates, you can turn leads and prospects into customers today with Compass Wave!

How to Connect NiceJob and Compass Wave

  1. In NiceJob, go to your “Company” tab in the “Settings” scroll bar. Select “Company Profile” and scroll down to find your “Company ID” and “Company SDK Public Key.” Keep that open in your browser.

  2. Open your Compass Wave account in a new tab or window and navigate to the “Widget Pages” under the “Tools” section. There you’ll see the NiceJob widget amongst the other widgets in the list.

  3. Copy and paste your “Company_ID” and “Company SDK Public Key” from NiceJob into each box in the NiceJob widget in Compass Wave.

  4. Drag and drop the NiceJob widget onto the page of your choice within Compass Wave to enable the automation, ideally somewhere after you’ve collected the new lead’s information.

  5. To send a review request, simply click “Invite” beside the customer's name on the “People” tab within NiceJob.

Here’s a great video to walk you through the steps above and showcase how the integration works.

How the NiceJob App Works

NiceJob will automatically import all of your past customers from your Compass Wave profile and will pull in all new leads that come in through Compass Wave in the future. It’s that simple! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I think the connection is not working?

Just email us at <> or click the blue chat icon in the NiceJob App and let us know! We'll work with you to test it and make sure you're up and running.

How do I remove the connection?

To disconnect the NiceJob connection in Compass Wave, navigate to the “Widget Pages” sub-menu under the “Tools” menu in Compass Wave.

Delete the “SDK Public Key” and “Company_ID” in the NiceJob widget and then drag and drop the NiceJob widget into the box on the far right along with other inactive widgets.

Upon disconnection, NiceJob will no longer receive customer contact information or any customer or lead information that comes in through Compass Wave.

How do I prevent invites from being sent to certain customers?

All review request invites are currently manual so you have the option of choosing which customers you invite to leave you a review once their information has been shared from Compass Wave into NiceJob.

Nothing will happen automatically unless a review request is triggered from another integration that you have connected in NiceJob.

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