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How can I respond to reviews on NiceJob?
How can I respond to reviews on NiceJob?

How to respond to reviews on Stories dashboard

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NiceJob makes it extremely easy to respond to reviews directly on the Stories dashboard! 😊

Once you've connected all the review sites you would like to collect reviews for, NiceJob aggregates all the incoming reviews in your Stories dashboard. Here, you're able see and reply to all the different reviews you receive, regardless of review platform.

Why reply to reviews?

All business need to manage their reputations in order to improve their search rankings and turn website leads into sales. Responding to both positive and negative reviews, allows you to build your businesses reputation. 🚀

How to reply:

  1. Navigate to the Stories tab on NiceJob.

  2. Identify a review you would like to reply to.

  3. Select "Reply" on the bottom right of the review (reply Symbol)

  4. A pop up will appear with a text box for you leave your reply

  5. Select "Reply" once you've entered you reply

Congratulations! You've replied to a review! 😃

When responding to reviews, we recommend being prompt with your replies, keeping your responses succinct, and being professional. So always take the opportunity when it's appropriate to reply to reviews in good faith to see how your business can improve for the future!

Wondering how to reply to negative reviews? 🤔
Check out the NiceJob Blog!

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