Get Reviews campaign

  1. I want my campaign to trigger when a visit is completed

It is important to include a time frame ('is within the last x days') to prevent people that have visit events from years ago being enrolled, unless that is what you want.

2. I want to auto-invite new contacts that I have just created in NiceJob (e.g. by importing a CSV file)

3. I want to only invite people that have a specific tag (e.g. "Review") on the person record

4. I want to only invite people that have a specific tag on an event

If the tag is applied on the event in the third party app, then we can pull in and read that tag data on the NiceJob side.

Example 1: Invoice tag is "Final invoice"

Example 2: Booking tag is "Review"

4. I want to only invite people upon payment (charging the customer)

If the 3rd party app is pulling in payment info (such as Square, Xero & FreshBooks) then use the "Payment" > "Time Created" rule. All customers will be auto invited upon being charged moving forward and you can set the time ("is within the last __ days") to invite customers that have made a payment in the past __ days.

In the below example, all customers who have been charged within the last 3 days would be invited, and then all future customers making payments going forward.

5. I want to auto-import customers from an integration but not auto-invite them.

Just add a new rule, "Person > Name > ksjdhfksdhf" (or whatever name would never match). This would ensure no one get's auto-invited but would also keep the standard rules in place to easily enable auto inviting in the future.

6. I want to enroll customers automatically upon invoice being paid in QBO

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