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How to edit the content of your campaign
How to edit the content of your campaign

Learn what customizations you can make to your campaign and how to make them

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NiceJob has created templates for the messages that send out to your customers automatically. They were carefully crafted to catch the attention of your customers in short and simple text, and designed to achieve your goals.

However, you know your customers best, so if you feel the need to edit the messages they will receive and when they will receive them then of course you can do that 😊

In this help article we will show you:

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Where to edit your campaign

First, you need to navigate to the edit state of your campaign.

To do this, go to the Campaigns tab and click on the campaign you would like to edit.

Next, click 'edit campaign' in the top right hand corner.

Now you are in the edit state of your campaign ✎

How to edit your campaign message content

Edit the message text

To edit the content of your campaign messages, simply click on the message card that you want to edit, and click on the underlined preview text to open the content editor.

To edit the text, just click into the text field and start typing πŸ˜ƒ

Note: We HIGHLY recommend not changing the message to be longer than the original message template. Long messages are one of the ways that customers are turned off from acting on your call to action!

Add media to a message

You can add media to the message by hovering over the place where you would like to add it. Next, click on the '+' icon on the left hand side of the text field, and select the media you would like to insert.

Here are the media options you have and what they mean:

Add an image

You can upload an image from your device, or import your company logo into your message from your Company Settings if you have already uploaded it.

Add a button

You can insert a button in your campaign message that either takes your recipient through the Get Reviews invite funnel, the Get Recommendations invite funnel, or to a custom link that you can paste into the URL field once you select the 'Custom' button.

Add a story

When you add a Story, this drops a widget into your campaign message that shows your recipient's latest published story.

If no story exists, then nothing will be displayed in the campaign message.

Example use cases of this widget:

  • In your Get Reviews campaign: if the most recent published story is a photo of service you completed for your customer then the photo will appear in the widget. This is great for your Get Reviews campaign, as photos help remind your customers of what a great job you did for them and motivate them to leave you a review.

  • In your Get Recommendations campaign: if the most recent published story for a customer is a review they have left for you, then that review will appear in the campaign messaging. This would be great for campaigns that thank your customer for their great review and asking that they share that review with their neighbours in the form of a referral πŸ˜‰

Add a divider

Adding a divider to your campaign message simply helps format that message and make it easier for your recipient to read. Here is an example of a divider in use:

Add merge tags to a message

A merge tag is a field that is dynamic based on available data on your recipient, the sender, or your company, e.g. Name, Company Name, Company Website or Sender Name.

You can enter merge tags into your campaign message that will populate with the data if available. If the data is not available, we offer the opportunity to add a fallback that will display instead of the data. Alternatively you can leave the fallback blank, and we will show nothing if no data is available.

Adding or deleting campaign steps

Adding a step

To add a new step to your campaign, click on the 'add step' button under your existing steps.

Next, choose the message type: SMS or Email.

If you choose Email, you can decide between a Professional or Plain Text format.

Professional email format:

This contains HTML that makes the email look more polished and business-like.

Plain text email format:

This email type is less formatted, and makes the email look more personal like it has come directly from a person rather than a company.

Deleting a step

To delete an existing step, click on the step you would like to delete, which will expand the card. Click on 'delete' in the bottom right hand corner of the card, and confirm 'delete'. Then save your campaign βœ…

Edit a step delay

The delay on a step indicates the length of time between that step being sent and the previous step being sent.

For example, if Step 2 had a delay of 5 days, then Step 2 would be sent 5 days after Step 1.

To edit the delay, click on the step you would like to edit, which will expand the card. You can edit the delay by clicking in the delay field and type the number of days you want πŸ•—

Pausing campaign steps

We have carefully created the optimal campaign strategy for getting you more reviews and would therefore recommend that you keep all of the messages to be the most successful.

However if you would like to reduce the number of campaign messages sent, you can pause any one of them by toggling off the step you would like to pause and then hit 'Save' in the top right hand corner of your screen.

If you would like to pause some of your campaign messages, please reach out to the Success team and we'd be happy to help you strategize which messages to pause 😊

Still have questions? Please reach out to us at 😊

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