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Connect ConvertLabs to NiceJob
Connect ConvertLabs to NiceJob

Take advantage of the NiceJob integration with ConvertLabs to automate your review invites on booking charged!

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The connection with ConvertLabs is activated within the ConvertLabs platform.

How to set up the integration:

  1. Be sure you have both an active ConvertLabs account and have activated your NiceJob free trial or standard plan. Click here to sign up for NiceJob.

  2. Once you’re set up on both platforms, navigate to Bookings → “NiceJob integration” in ConvertLabs or click the “Connect Now” link above.

  3. Click the “Connect to NiceJob” button.

  4. You will be prompted to log in to NiceJob. Once you have logged in, a confirmation screen will explain what data ConvertLabs is requesting access to from NiceJob. Click “allow” to finalize the integration.

  5. Disable "Client Rate Service" the native reviews in ConvertLabs (See steps below)

  6. You’ve now connected ConvertLabs and NiceJob! 🎉

Frequently asked questions

What does the ConvertLabs & NiceJob integration do?

  1. Automatically send review and referral invites to your customers shortly after their Booking is charged.

  2. Any new ConvertLabs contacts will be synced to NiceJob after their Booking is charged – no need to spend time entering them in both spots!

What data does ConvertLabs send NiceJob?

  • Bookings

  • People (Customer details)

  • Employees (Service Provider)

Does ConvertLabs send employee data to NiceJob so that my reviews are automatically attributed to the right employee?

Yes, employee data is linked to each review, and you can view employee reviews on NiceJob’s Insights & Leaderboard! Learn more about employee attribution and other ways you can make use of it here.

Does ConvertLabs send booking events to the Engage Widget?

Yes! Your booking events will appear on the Engage Widget on your website. You can set up your Engage Widget here.

Can I prevent certain customers from receiving a review invite?

Not yet, but we are working on it! Don’t worry though, our system recognizes repeat customers and will not send your customers more than one review invite within 6 months.

Disable "Client Rate Service" the native reviews in ConvertLabs

  1. Disable Client Rate Service SMS and Email options

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