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What is Story Reach and how can I improve it

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Reach shows how many unique people have seen the story on:

  • Facebook

  • Your website

  • Your company landing page with NiceJob

  • Other websites that are displaying the story

It currently doesn't include people who saw the story on:

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • A specific review site (ie. Yelp)

Reach is important as customer Stories are one of the powerful marketing tools you have. They motivate potential customers to become new customers and current customers to become loyal repeat customers.

How can I improve my Story Reach?

On Facebook

  • You can Boost your story. Learn how here.

  • Encourage your contacts to follow your Facebook page

  • Use great photos in your stories

On websites

  • Make sure your using the NiceJob widget to display stories on your website

  • Link to your stories on forums or other sites

  • Include the NiceJob stories widget on other partner sites

Reach is a great way to measure how far your great reputation is spreading online.

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