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Widget Troubleshooting
Widget Troubleshooting

This article goes over steps that can be taken to resolve issues with the reviews widgets not loading as expected

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Have you installed a widget on your website and it is not loading? πŸ€” Well, look no further!
This article goes over some common issues that may be preventing your widget from working as expected, and a few simple steps that can be taken to get your amazing reviews shown off on your website. πŸš€

The three main things to check are:

  1. Does your website cache? NiceJob widgets are not compatible with caching plugins, turning off the plugin will resolve the issue with the widgets not loading. Caching plugins are quite popular for some Wordpress websites πŸ™‚

  2. Check if auto-publishing is off in NiceJob. If auto-publishing is off, your reviews will not be posted to your website. You can make sure auto-publishing is on under Product Settings >> Settings >> Review Settings.

  3. Do you have a WordPress site? The instructions and code for installing a widget on a WordPress site are different than the code found in the product settings of your NiceJob Dashboard. In addition, a NiceJob plugin is required to be installed on your WordPress site. The step-by-step instructions to install a widget on a WordPress site are in the second half of the article linked below. 😊

Common Problems and Solutions to Issues that May be Causing your Widget not to Work 😎

Installed a widget and it is not loading or is only showing "Powered by NiceJob"

If you have installed a widget on your Website and one of the following is happening:

  1. It is not loading

  2. Only works on certain browsers (for example, the widget will work on Chrome but will not load on Safari)

  3. Will only load in the Preview πŸ‘Œ

  4. Only loads "Powered by NiceJob"

It is most Likely the case your Website has something Caching the Site.

NiceJob Widgets are not compatible with caching πŸ‘Œ
NiceJob Widgets post the review data onto your Website in real time. Caching prevents NiceJob from pulling in fresh review Data for the widget. Turning off the caching plugin will allow the widgets to work properly 😊

Installed the Engage widget and it is not posting the reviews or the Engage widget was working and has since stopped working

If you have installed the Engage Widget on your website and it is not showing up, it might be the case that there are no new reviews to display. The Engage Widget only shows reviews from the past 3 months. If there hasn't been a new review added to your NiceJob account in the past 3 months, the Engage Widget will not have any new reviews to display.

The date of the most recent reviews can be checked in the top left hand corner of the review card on the Stories Page of your NiceJob account.

The newest review or photo is not showing up on the Stories widget

It can take up to two hours for the Stories widget to update with a new review. Therefore, if your new review or photo was just added to NiceJob from the review site it came from, just given it a bit of time and the review should be published to your website. πŸ‘

The newest review is not showing up on the stories widget or engage widget and it has been more than 24 hours.

Check is auto-publishing is on in your account. Settings>> Product Settings>> Review Settings (Green Means it is on) If this is off your reviews will not post to your Website or Microsite. Therefore, it is very important to make sure Auto-publishing is on.

If you would like to publish an unpublished review, you can do so from the Stories page. Simply click the red "unpublished" in the bottom left hand corner of the review. 😎

I use a Java Script website and installed a widget and it will only load after I refresh the browser?

Something is caching your site or how the Script redirects between pages Caches. Try adding this js snippet onto the page <head></head> tag.

<script type="text/javascript" defer="" src=""></script>

What this script will do, is it will create a click event for the main menu, and trigger a reload on each page load. In short, it will load the stories and badge every page load. Make sure it is global for the whole website and it should work fine! πŸš€

Can I limit how many stories appear on the stories widget ?

No. At this time it is the intended purpose of the stories widget to go on a dedicated 'Reviews' or 'Testimonials' page on the site. The stories widget auto-populates from your NiceJob dashboard and allows visitors to browse through all the different reviews left by customers. πŸ‘

If the stories widget is taking up too much space. One alternative that might work is to put the Stories widget in a Box on the website. Customers can then use a scroll bar to scroll through the reviews. 😊

I installed the Engage widget and it is not working on mobile?

Does your website cache? If so, the caching is preventing the widget from appearing on mobile.

If your website does not cache, check the code installed on your website. Under Settings >> Product Settings >> Engage, there is an option to toggle the widget off on mobile. If "Show on Mobile" is off when the code was installed, the widget will not appear on mobile.

Toggling the option on and then reinstalling the widget code on your website will resolve the issue you are experiencing. (Green means it is on). βœ…

Installed a widget on your WordPress site using the WordPress code but use Elementor or Divi and things don't seem to be working quite right. πŸ€”

If you have installed a widget on your WordPress site using the WordPress code and the widget is not working as expected, try using the widget code from the NiceJob Dashboard under Settings >> Product Settings >> Widgets. This code may work better than the code populated by WordPress. Elementor or Divi builder sometimes interact with the HTML code better than the custom code for WordPress. πŸ‘

Of course, any questions you have about our Widgets are welcome! Our dedicated support team would be more than happy to help trouble shoot why a widget is not working as expected. πŸ˜„

Please, reach out to our Success department through the little blue chat bubble or email your inquiries direct at

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