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How do I add a widget to my website?
How do I add a widget to my website?
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What you'll need

  • Access to your web pages HTML and basic knowledge of how to edit HTML.

  • If you're using Wordpress, the ability to add and activate a new plugin

Adding a widget using HTML

  1. Go to Settings > Product Settings > Widgets. Select the widget you'd like to add, and copy the code provided.

  2. Edit the HTML of the web page were you'd like to add the widget and paste the code provided into your web page where you'd like the widget to be located.

If someone else manages your website, just copy the widget code and send it to them.

Most widgets can be simply added wherever you'd like them to occur. A few, like the Collect Reviews widget also need some Java Script added before the actual widget link. 

This can be placed anywhere in the HTML as long as it's before the widget link. Ideally, you want to place this at the bottom of the <head> section of your website.

Adding a widget using wordpress

  1. Search for "NiceJob" in the plugin directory (

  2. Install and activate the plugin. A new NiceJob menu will appear on the admin sidebar menu.

  3. Copy your Company ID from NiceJob company profile page, and paste into the relevant field.

  4. Save the Company ID, it will be automatically used in the shortcode.

  5. Next go to the rich text editor (make sure you are in "classic mode"). You will see little NiceJob logos in the tool bar for each of the widgets available for you to install. When you click on the widget you want, the shortcode will appear in the text editor and you can put it wherever you want the widget to appear.
    Alternatively, if you can't find the rich text editor, you can use your custom builder to add a text box, then copy the shortcode from your NiceJob plugin page into the text editor

If you've installed a widget onto your Wordpress site and it only loads "Powered by NiceJob" that means you have a plugin that is caching your site, which is preventing us from pulling fresh review data for the widget. Turning off the plugin will allow our widgets to work properly. WP Rocket is a common culprit.

Looking for more information about our widgets?

If you have a NiceJob Convert website, we'll will take care of adding any campaigns you like for you. Just email

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