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Enrolling People In A Campaign
Enrolling People In A Campaign

Learn what happens when a contact is enrolled in a campaign and what happens if the same person is enrolled more than once in a campaign.

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NiceJob uses message campaigns to help you meet your goals. For example, when you send a review invite to a customer, we enroll them in a campaign called Get Reviews.

Campaigns have 3 parts:

  1. A Goal. For example, the goal of the Get Reviews campaign is a new review

  2. Customers enrolled in the campaign

  3. Messages that the campaign sends

You can see a campaign's Goal, Customers, and Messages in the NiceJob app at:

Clicking the Messages in this campaign will show you all the messages that get sent as part of a campaign.

Entering and leaving a campaign

Entering the same customer more than once into a campaign 

Once a customer is in a campaign, they cannot re-enter that campaign until 6 months after they have concluded the campaign.

You can delete them as a customer in the People tab, and then re-add them in the 'Stories' tab (Stories> 'Get a Review'). This leaves asking customers again within 6 months to leave you a review up to your discretion.

That means if you accidentally send a review invite to a customer that is already in a campaign, nothing additional will happen. They'll just continue in the campaign they were already in.

Why? This prevents accidentally sending repeat messages to the same customer and turning a great customer into an annoyed one.

Leaving a campaign

Customers leave a campaign when either the campaigns goal is met, or all messages in the campaign have been sent.

So for example in the case of the Get Reviews campaign, once a customer has left a review, they will be exited from the campaign.

You can also manually unenroll a customer from a campaign. How? Check this out:

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