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Learn how Yelp's terms and conditions prohibit certain features

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Why can't my customers leave a review on Yelp? 

Because of Yelps strict terms and conditions, NiceJob isn't allowed to ask your customers to leave a review on the Yelp platform the same way we can with other review platforms such as Google and Facebook. To do so would risk your reviews being removed from Yelp. Here is a link to the specific Yelp policy for you information:

Why aren't all my Yelp reviews showing up in NiceJob?

Another feature that Yelp prohibits is the automatic downloading of your previous reviews on the Yelp platform. Yelp only allows limited 3rd party access to their reviews. As a result, not all Yelp reviews may show up in your NiceJob account. 

We we will gradually pull your reviews to the NiceJob platform over time, or as quickly as Yelp allows us to!

NiceJob is usually able to obtain the majority of your Yelp reviews. But as we adhere to their terms of service, the final reviews permitted to be shown in NiceJob is at the discretion of Yelp.

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