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How do I Upload Photos for my Convert Website?
How do I Upload Photos for my Convert Website?

Best practices for adding photos for convert website setup

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We want to build you a website that gets you tons of sales. One of the biggest trust building factors on service industry websites is authentic photos. So the more great pictures you provide of your work and team, the better your website will perform! 

How do I provide photos for my website?

In the NiceJob app:

  • Go to the Stories page and click the "Create a Story" button

  • Select one or more photos

  • Add a tag that describes the service the photos refer to (Examples: Power washing, Luxury real estate, Ski vacation). This helps us organize your photos and improves search engine rankings.

  • Add a brief description of what the photo(s) are if you wish (this is a public description). This helps us understand what the photos are about if it's less than obvious.

  • Click Save

Think of each set of photos that you upload as a 'Story'. So some stories may just have a single photo. Some may have several photos.

Note: If there are any photos that aren't a story but you would like on your Convert website, email them directly to the strategist who is working on your site

Send your photos to your customer

If your already adding photos, a great next step is add the appropriate customer for the photos, and send the photos as part of a review invitation! This is option when adding photos, but helps you get more reviews.

Remember, the more great photos you provide, the better your Convert website will perform!

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