What is Call Tracking?
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Call tracking is used for Convert websites. 

Choosing a call tracking number will make it possible for us to measure and track your true website conversion rate. 

Without it, we will not know how many people call. This will make it extremely hard for us to make proactive changes to improve your website because we won't know your website's true effectiveness.

The call tracking feature also logs all phone calls for future reference in the app. You even have the ability to record live phone calls in case you need to go back and listen to a specific request or detail again at a later time. If you choose to take advantage of the recording feature, you'll need to turn it on from within the app. 

Call tracking is optional and up to you. But we definitely recommend it.

If you want to add it, here's a link to go back to that step... https://app.nicejob.com/setup/convert/call-tracking

Referral Source tracking

NiceJob's call tracking provides a single tracking number for your website, because of that it's not possible to track referral source for each call. 

If you need to track referral source, for example in the case of tracking calls back to a referring Google Ads campaign, we recommend using 3rd party call tracking solutions like CallRail.

You can simply request that we add the 3rd party dynamic number replacement code into your Convert website, and then forward that 3rd party call tracking number to your NiceJob call tracking number.

Doing this allows NiceJob to continue accurately tracking your call volume and conversion rate.

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