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Connect ServiceMonster to NiceJob
Connect ServiceMonster to NiceJob

Take advantage of the NiceJob integration with ServiceMonster to streamline and simplify your business processes!

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The connection with ServiceMonster is activated within the ServiceMonster desktop platform.

How to set-up the integration:

1. Be sure you have both an active ServiceMonster account and either be on a trial for NiceJob, or on our standard plan.

2. Once that is taken care of, click the link above or navigate to the Marketplace within ServiceMonster and select “NiceJob” from the list of integrations.

3. Click the configuration tab toward the top of the page. Then simply click the “Grant Access to Your NiceJob Account” button.

4. From here a pop up will open.  If you are not currently logged in to your NiceJob account then it will ask you to do so now.  Once logged in you will see a confirmation screen that explains what ServiceMonster is requesting access for within NiceJob.  Click “allow” to finalize the integration and go back to the configuration page.

5. Finally hit the Export button to export the last 90 days worth of customers and import them into NiceJob. You only need to do this once as going forward all new ServiceMonster contacts will be synced to NiceJob automatically. 

What does the ServiceMonster connection do?

  1. Sync any new ServiceMonster contacts with NiceJob so you don't have to spend needless time entering them in both spots! 

  2. Automatically send review invites to your customers shortly after their job is completed and the invoice created or sent. Please note that any invoice created will trigger a review invite.

Data we'll send or receive

  • People

  • Employees

  • Bookings

Frequent Questions

Can I stop an account from being sent a review?

Yes! Simply use the “do not contact: email” button on the account screen. This will block the account from syncing with NiceJob.

Why are my accounts failing to be sent over?

Check and see if that account has an email address. This is a required field to connect and be enrolled in the NiceJob Get Reviews campaign. If you would still like to send the customer a text review, you can enroll them in the campaign in the NiceJob platform using the 'get a review. button in the stories page.

How can I tell if the integration is working?

You can see the connection status in the configuration tab from the Marketplace listing in ServiceMonster. From within NiceJob you can also look at either the People page to see what the last activity was and verify any recent accounts or orders have been updated accordingly.

Does ServiceMonster send employee data to NiceJob so that my reviews can get automatically attributed to the right employee?

Yes! If you have employees assigned to jobs in ServiceMonster(Service Monster), that data is sent to us via the integration which allows us to automatically attribute reviews received to the right employee. Learn more about employee attribution and how you can make use of it here.

Does ServiceMonster send booking events to the Engage Widget?
Yes! Your booking events will appear on the Engage Widget on your website. You can set up your Engage Widget here.

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